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Including metasearch strategy to your hotel digital marketing mix will boost your direct bookings by funneling traffic away from OTAs.

• Increase online visibility
• Increase bookings
• Monitor rates and image across distribution channels

Metasearch is the aggregation of all hotel inventory and information into a single searchable platform. It is an additional and very effective additional channel which hotel brands can use to attract more guests. The Metasearch technology uses variables like price, location, dates of stay, reviews, and amenities to display the most relevant hotels matching the guest’s preferences. This makes metasearch sites very popular as they simplify hotel searches online.

Metasearch engines display a hotel’s information in the same way an OTA does. However, the main difference between the two is that metasearch engines don’t sell inventory.

The campaigns that we run allow our clients to cost-effectively increase their occupancy levels.

(1) Low Spend: Hotels can list their rooms for lower than the competing OTA rates since they don’t have to pay commissions as they would if a consumer booked through an OTA. Much like Paid Search, metasearch is also on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. By having a consumer click on the hotel’s metasearch ad instead of the OTA, the cost per booking will likely decrease in comparison to an OTA booking. The CPC is typically much lower than the OTA’s commission rate.

(2) Direct Bookings: Metasearch drives direct website bookings as the prospective guest is re-directed to the hotel’s website..

(3) SERP Real Estate: Using metasearch, hotels can rank higher on SERP and consequently improve their brand awareness. This is especially key when competing head to head with the OTAs.

(4) Accessibility to reviews: Research has proved that reviews influence booking decisions. Travelers always choose a hotel with higher ratings. They are given access to reviews when they use metasearch engine.

Metasearch engines are built on the traditional pay-per-click (PPC) programs. This then enables hotels to compete with OTAs for top placement. When a user types in a query, the metasearch engine they are using sends out queries to third party search engines for results. Sufficient data is gathered in milliseconds, gets formatted by their ranks and is presented to the users.

Our team of experts are skilled in campaign management across key metasearch engines. We monitor competitors, track conversion rates, and make real-time changes to our client’s bid strategy.

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