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With over 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day, paid search allows brands to target the relevant audience.

• Target segmented audiences and speak directly to them
• Remarket to previous visitors to your website
• Gain strong visibility in SERPs
• Measurable and Cost-Effective

Paid search is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, that when run properly, drives yourhotel’s profitability. It gives you access to a pre-qualified guests who are online looking for more information about accommodation in your area. Your offer will appear to the right prospective guest at a time when they need a solution. According to Google there about 87 billion monthly searches on the search engine. This means that search engines are great channels that provide the twin benefits of wide reach and access to prospects who are keen for answers via the service you provide.

Our team of search marketing professionals can help you run well researched, structured and optimised campaigns that will increase bookings. They are experts in paid marketing strategy, campaign creation, execution and management as well as optimization and reporting. We are creative in our targeting so that we can reach the in-market traveler.

In the example below, a user searches for hotels in Randburg on a search engine, the search engine results page (SERP) then in turn displays the following information:

Please note that adverts dominate the prime space on top of organic results, and on the right hand side as well.

#1: First Page Exposure
Visibility on the 1st page of SERPs is very important for your brand if you are to benefit from access to an audience that is actively in the market seeking for accommodation in your area. Paid adverts rank higher than organic results and this means that you have a prime opportunity to sell your property

#2: Immediate and Consistent Traffic
Out of the methods that are used to attract traffic to a website or any other digital asset for that matter, nothing beats the power of paid search. Paid search enables you to reach the right audience with the right message in the right context.

#3: Targeted Ads
Paid search ads that are displayed in the sponsored results can be changed, edited, tested, optimized and tracked for maximum effectiveness. This ability gives you knowledge on which exact combination of ad text and key phrases work the best.

#4: Reach
Besides Google being the #1 search engine with a market share of over 65%-70% over other search engines, Google has also done an amazing job of amassing a network of publishers (other websites) to display Google’s sponsored ads for you. The latter provides you with yet another way to reach their prospects on other relevant places on the web. This reach is second to none and you are encouraged to at least look into how it might work for your marketing.

#5: Relevance
Search results are all about relevance, or at least they should be. When someone does a search, they should only get the most relevant results for what they searched for. Google, having the most advanced algorithms to detect relevancy, do a fantastic job of delivering relevant results to users. Google’s sponsored ads, like the natural results, are weighted very heavily on relevancy – from the key phrase to the ad text to the landing page. This creates the best user experience for the end user and also allows you to target and receive very refined, qualified traffic.

#6 Geo-Targeting and Ad Scheduling
Geo-targeting allows you to select only specified locations all over the world to display your ads to. For example, if you had a Honeymoon suites and only wanted to show ads on the search engines to newly weds from a specific then your ads would only show for those specified locations. This allows your ad budget to go further as it is only targeted relevant locations.

Ad scheduling allows you to select specific days and times of the day to run your ads. This is extremely helpful if you are very familiar with when you get the best response from prospective guests or when youare able to respond in a timely manner.

#7: Tracking
It still amazes us that so many companies spend thousands of rands each month on traditional marketing methods that have absolutely no tracking whatsoever. Take newspaper advertising for example, full page can be relatively expensive compared to online marketing and worst of all, there is no accurate way to track how successful these expensive ads actually are. With paid search marketing, every ad, every keyword, and best of all, every rand spent can be tracked down to the cent. This allows for very accurate ROI and ROAS tracking and makes paid search marketing that much more essential for any business.

#8: Branding
Paid search marketing has many advantages such as those described above. However, one of the best uses of paid search marketing from a marketing perspective is branding. Effective branding is extremely important for your brand. If your brand is memorable and associated with something memorable then your marketing will be that much more effective. Paid search marketing, through all of the reasons mentioned above, allows for very cost effective branding of your business/ product/ service and company name.

We utilize our proven process to deliver on the expected results.

Step 1: Discovery
Our first meetings are centred around on acquiring knowledge about your brand, your positioning and your goals. If you are running any campaigns already, we will conduct an audit to identify and bottlenecks, structural weaknesses and opportunities that we can expand.

We then set goals using the Digital Measurement Framework

Step 2: Foundation
After learning as much about your business and your revenue goals as is possible, we will proceed to put together robust and scalable building blocks for your success. We start by creating an optimized campaign structured that is streamlined for performance. We will review your current landing page to gauge its conversion potential. We normally let our clients know if their landing pages need to be changed. Results matter to us and this is why we implement tracking tools to monitor performance in a granular manner.

Step 3: Campaign Set up
A camapign’s success depends on how it is set up. Done haphazardly it will be a money wasting monumental failure. We utilize our skills and experience to ensure that we deliver on our value promise to you.

Step 4: Optimisation
Once a campaign is live, our dedicated team of campaign managers will constantly monitor its performance. We conduct ongoing landing page evaluation/ suggestions and refine the advertisements as per the feedback. We will supply you with periodic reports include a strategic “deep dive” for each facet of the account.


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