Programmatic Advertising

“The goal of marketing is not to acquire devices, necessarily, but to acquire and retain real people.”

• Reach the in-market prospective guest
• Programmatic advertising Is optimized and personalized
• Programmatic advertising efficient

We are the first agency to own a mobile DSP in Africa and this has positioned us to run campaigns that deliver. We have immense in-market travel data at our fingertips and we use it to run programmatic display advertising whose objective is to reduce your OTAs. We improve incremental volume and efficiencies by targeting users through the entire customer lifecycle.

Whether your audience is at the dreaming, planning, booking or experiencing stage of their travel decision-making process a programmatic display strategy can help connect you with your prospective customers in the moments that matter.

At a basic level, programmatic is about the automation of the buying and selling of digital display media. It has evolved as a response to changing media consumption habits but also in response to a growing need for advertisers to become more accountable for their media investments and the impact they make to the bottom line.

Programmatic can help deliver this level of insight and transparency but ultimately it is about creating the opportunity for brands to engage in near real-time with connected and unique audiences.

Programmatic Advertising allows businesses to target individuals by extremely specific criteria. As of today, there is no other online marketing tool with the capabilities of Programmatic Advertising.

It’s possible to target people that are literary “in-market” for travel services and about to make a purchase. Our targeting capabilities go beyond general demographics and interests to something more specific. For instance we do not just target travelers interested in visiting South Africa but we zero in on the vacation itinerary like “seeing elephants at the Kruger National Park”.

In-market Audience Targeting is a way to connect with consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services across various publishers and partner sites. To qualify someone as being in-market for a specific product or service, we take into account a number of different statistics. We analyze clicks on related ads and subsequent conversions, the content of the sites, different pages they visit, and the frequency of the visits. In this way, our technology accurately categorizes users so you can target those most interested in your offerings.

The hotel industry is known for its dynamic customer base and competitive nature and therefore lends itself well to a programmatic approach; I’d go further and suggest adoption of programmatic could help shift the industries reliance away from online travel agencies.

• Proprietary ad formats, including exchange-certified out-stream units with support for major video platforms
• Easy-to-use interface with overview of markets and bidding agents, accessible online
• Quick-launch and advanced-launch modes for bidding agents
• Access to proprietary Emerse optimisation algorithm
• Conversion tracking and optimisation
• CPC bidding
• Built-in ad-serving for video with automatic transcoding for all devices
• Support for VAST, VPAID and MRAID
• Out-stream and in-stream video formats
• Support for major IAB formats, including display and video
• Batch upload of creative, including direct upload from major creative tools
• Contextual targeting across all exchanges
• Re-targeting of audiences
• Geo-targeting down to zip codes
• ISP or mobile-carrier targeting
• IP targeting
• Topic and category targeting
• Language targeting
• Direct URL targeting
• Browser, operating-system or connection-speed targeting
• Advanced fraud detection with integration to leading third-party providers
• Inventory and placement-quality scoring and control, including factors such as page-clutter and ad-collision detection
• Brand safety filters
• Viewability metrics and targeting
• Negotiate and trade in private marketplaces (PMP)
• Build new external audiences
• Explore and profile custom audiences
• Expand audiences to find new customers
• Built-in tag management
• Data-feed targeting, for example: weather
• Day-parting (target by time/day of week)
• Frequency cap and frequency target settings
• Real-time data with no delay


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