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We have extensive paid media planning, buying and tracking expertise along the full spectrum of budget sizes, campaign types and industry verticals.

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Get more traffic and more leads from Paid Media with performance driven online banner ads.
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Paid Media Details

Our paid media team understands the programmatic landscape front to back – across both buy and sell-side dynamics. Armed with the right paid media expertise and experience, our platform team manages different buying platforms, using each for its differentiated audience and inventory. We have our own Demand-Side Platform, wherein we are connected to over 30 ad exchanges including our own Supply-Site Platform. Adclick Africa’s technology makes our buyers faster and smarter. With API integrations into all our platform partners, our unified reporting and optimization layer allows our paid media team to hit campaign goals efficiently.

You might have already heard about the concept of the “digital marketing tripod,” which consists of three key elements: earned, owned and paid media. Each of these elements is a vital part of any successful online marketing strategy, at Adclick Africa we can help you optimise the digital marketing tripod to drive your brand to success, and our paid media team is ready to take your campaigns to the next level.

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